Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Our Amazing Earth

JFK to LAX today.  5 hours and 30 minutes, at Flight Level 310.  That is the technical information.  But these photographs which I shot out the airplane window, are all about the poetry and the beauty of the flight.  Our Earth is such an amazing place, as these photographs show, and most people don't get to see scenes like this.  This is an area of flat land, west of St. Louis, Missouri, where it has snowed just a bit, but not enough to cover areas with water.

This is an amazing scene in the North East corner of  New Mexico.  It looks at first like it was a volcano, but it is really a hill which appears to be made up mainly of sand, and there are some small trees growing on it.  Just an astounding shape to see from the air.

I call this one Shangri La.  It is snow covered mountains, seen through some thin clouds.  It is a magical scene for me.

This meandering river is the Missouri, as it heads north after going by Columbia, Missouri.  It is about 120 miles west of St. Louis.  It was an amazing trip, with photographs everywhere I looked.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Enjoy your family visit and the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I love your aerial photography shots but especially the Missouri River. Such wonderful designs. betsey