Friday, December 13, 2019

Golden Sunset

Today was all gray and rainy.  But when I took my walk yesterday it was clear and cold with a few cirrus clouds near the horizon.  As the sun got closer to the horizon its color became more orange.  So I lifted the camera to my eye, and zoomed into the sunset, and I loved seeing the viewfinder filled with orange light.  This doesn't seem like a real photograph - there's really no center of interest.  But I just love the color.  Maybe that's what the photograph is about.


Anonymous said...

Your photo is definitely about the color. I LOVE this shot! It's my new desktop so I can see it every day...betsey

Anonymous said...

"On Golden Pond" - Beautiful

Anonymous said...

It feels spiritual to me. The colors in the sky and in the water are beautiful and I love the way the sunset highlights the treetops. The clouds and the water are so peaceful and calm. A magnificent photo! Trace