Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas From California!

I remember my friend Chuck said he didn't think that there should be sand in Christmas!  I told him about 6 years ago that we were headed to California for Christmas with our girls, and his reply made me laugh out loud.  So as I mentioned a couple of days ago, I went walking on the beach. and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Santa Claus, herself, planning her trip for Christmas eve, using the maps on her phone!  I didn't want to be naughty by asking her how she managed to deliver so many gifts on one evening, because I didn't want a lump of coal in my stocking.  Merry Christmas to all and I hope you have a wonderful day, wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all in California. Enjoy the sunshine and sand!

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Joan: Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all of you assembled. I will miss all of you, and the fruit cocktail !