Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Fat Boy!

Yup.  "Fat Boy" is what they are going to be calling me, if this keeps up!  This is a Couronne that Kathy made just tonight!  It is a coffee cake that is in the shape of a crown, and it has an almond paste filling.  It this unbelievable or what!  How can I not eat this?  And it's too cold to ride my bike to burn off the calories, and I am still suffering from a cold.  I am doomed to be "fat boy."


Anonymous said...

I want some. I have slivered almonds on hand but no almond paste. Kathy's coffee cake looks delicious as always.

Ken Spencer said...

It is absolutely out of this world! We were always Entenmanns fans, but Kathy has surpassed their coffee cakes!

Anonymous said...

Kathy's Couronne looks absolutely delicious! Wow! If she baked that for me, I would be eating it, too. Wish I lived closer. betsey