Saturday, March 9, 2019

A New Exhibit

I stumbled across this scene when wandering from gallery to gallery at MoMA.  It is unusual to see this kind of activity in progress, because usually they close the whole gallery while preparing for a new exhibit.  But this wall was outside the gallery, so I could see it.  I saw that there was a guard just inside the glass door of the gallery.  So I backed up to get a wide view of the scene, and apparently the guard didn't see me right away.  When he did see me shooting he came out waving his hands and said "No pictures" and pointed to a small sign that said "No pictures."  It's funny because you can usually photograph in most exhibits.  So I stopped, because I had already gotten my shot.  I did talk to the woman who was doing the lettering on the wall.  I had always wondered how they put the text on the wall.  It is a complicated process with several layers of tissue and vinyl.  I kept going back throughout the afternoon to watch the progress, and it was really interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's bizarre that you couldn't take pictures in an empty room of a woman doing the lettering for an exhibit! betsey