Sunday, March 10, 2019

Bell 47G

What an interesting thing to find hanging in the Museum of Modern Art - a helicopter!  It is such an astounding thing to see this hanging overhead in the main stairway!  I have photographed it before, but not from this angle.  When I came around a corner and saw it from this angle I flipped!  What a cool angle to see this from.  The helicopter is on display as part of an exhibit called "The Value of Good Design" and this Bell 47G certainly qualifies.  It was manufactured in Buffalo, NY starting in 1946 and was produced until 1974.  5,600 of them were manufactured and many are still in use.  It is a real classic aircraft.

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Anonymous said...

The helicopter looks little hanging there. Love the simple design. Spotted the Fiat (?) in the next room, too. Never know what you'll see in a museum...betsey