Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Pen Show!

Three years ago I saw an article in the paper about something called a "Pen Show" that was happening that weekend.   They mentioned that they would have pen repair people at the show, and people who could "tune" pen nibs.  I had an italic nib in one of my fountain pens that was not working properly, so I went and had my pen fixed.  I missed the pen show last year, but this year I decided to go back.  What was stunning was to see the number of mostly used pens on display!  Maybe this gives you some idea - these pens are on display at just one dealer's table.  It is fun to see pens, some going back to the 50's and 60's.  This show is for hard core collectors!

This is one of the more famous people who do the nib repairs that I spoke of.  He wasn't the person who repaired my pen two years ago, but I stopped to talk with him a couple of times today and learned so many interesting things about nibs and pens.  What is interesting is that the most rewarding things today, were the conversations I had with individual vendors as I wandered through the show.

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the ugliest pen I have ever seen!  It is made by a famous Italian pen maker, and it is called "Chaos."  The designer of this pen, I am told, was Sylvester Stallone!  Can you imagine carrying this around in your pocket?  Can you imagine even trying to write with this?  I cannot.  The cost is $5,770, in case you want one.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ken! Oh, how I LOVE fountain pens!!! I got on a pen kick years ago and have a few of them, which, to tell the truth I never actually use. I also found several ancient ones here in the house, from my family. Once in awhile I refill the new ones and noodle around with them. I bought ink in every color available, and now you have inspired me to get back in the game...Thanks for this great post! Babs

Anonymous said...

I love the pen that you gave me :-) I spotted a bright yellow pen in the first photo...I should get back to practicing Calligraphy. All I need is some time (and motivation)! betsey

Chuck said...

I've always had a weakness for pens. Every time I go into an office supply store or other places that sell pens, I must check them out to see if that exact pen that I've been looking for has been made yet. I don't know what it looks like, but I'll know it when I see it. :^)

(I've probably got a couple of hundred pens in and around my office drawers and storage space and probably more than half of them have never been used...and the other half probably wouldn't work now if I tried them (they eventually dry up if they're not used...but you knew that.)