Friday, March 15, 2019

First Sign of Spring!

It was 62 degrees today!  I, of course, went for a bike ride!  What a glorious day! On the way back home, I was pedaling up Laurel avenue when I spied these tiny white flowers growing along side the steps down at the abandoned house that I have photographed before.  I was so surprised, given that it hasn't been all that warm recently.  Maybe the flowers wake up and bloom with one day of 62 degree weather.  Here's where I stick my neck out - the flowers are Snowdrops!  I think!


Anonymous said...

What a joyous sight. Spring is near! The white flowers looks so pretty near the stone. Trace

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see. I believe they are snowdrops :-) betsey

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks, everyone! So that's three of us who love that Spring is here!