Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Caroling

We went out for a walk, and to walk the dog.  We ended up on Abbot Kinney which is the fancy main street in Venice.  Right after the walk started out, Liz and Sarah and Amy began singing Christmas carols, in three-part harmony as they walked along!  What was really neat was that a few people in their yards would call out words of encouragement.  When we got to Abbot Kinney, they decided to stop and sing a couple of carols while standing in place on the sidewalk.  What was interesting was the reaction of the passersby.  Everyone kind of pretended that there was no singing going on and walked by with their eyes averted.  But Liz and Sarah and Amy were having such a good time that they didn't let it bother them.


Anonymous said...

Good for them! I would love to run into carolers singing on a city street. I would stop to listen, perhaps join in...bsk

Anonymous said...

Looks like they were enjoying the spirit of Christmas and sharing their beautiful harmony.