Saturday, December 26, 2015

Star Wars!

We saw Star Wars today!  We had a theater party and nine of us went to the theater to see it.  Here, almost all the theaters accept reservations, so we knew that we could get in.  I haven's seen a Star Wars episode since the very first one back in 1977.  It was a great movie, but one that we would not have bothered to see, if it were not for the girls wanting us to go.  So at least now, we are temporarily very hip and up to date with our cultural literacy.  The last photo is everyone discussing the movie right after the movie was over.


Dean said...

Hi Ken-
If you are gonna pirate images of a movie, you might already know to shoot thru one lens of the 3D glasses to prevent the double images! We saw it today, so need to talk to someone about it, but you might not be that person if you haven't seen any since 1979!


Ken Spencer said...

Dean: Your are so on the on the ball! I took several photographs before I realized the problem! We really enjoyed the movie! I loved the scenes of wreckage in the desert of other ships! Astounding.