Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day + 1

I spoke yesterday of going out to find a photograph, and shooting several different scenes, and each one seemed better than the other. So yesterday I posted my favorite, and today I am showing you my second favorite. But I don't know - what do you think? Is this the best photograph? I shot this scene several times, from pretty much the same vantage point, but I started with a wider view, and moved in closer. I often do that in landscapes, for instance. I need to make sure that I "have it all" in the frame. When I am sure I have that, then I feel more free to crop more tightly. And often the tighter composition is stronger.


Anonymous said...

I like this photo better because of the intense color and the randomness of the leaves. It fills the frame and feels fresh and alluring, like a stroll in the meadow when everything is pristine after a cleansing rain. This photo takes me to that place in nature, where things are perfect and there's never a question that God is present.

Ken Spencer said...

Wow, thank you for a lovely post. I am not good at describing my own photographs in words, and why I might like one instead of the other, and you have done a wonderful job doing just that! thanks!