Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

I guess I am about 24 hours late with this wish for a happy Earth Day. Oh well... Anyhow, I knew there were some Daffodils out in the upper part of the side yard. So I went out to photograph them for Earth Day and thought I had my shot. Then I went over to the side garden and photographed some plants over there, and thought that was a better shot. But I kept on looking and went further along in the side garden and photographed this. Each time I thought I had "the" shot, but I kept on looking, and was rewarded by the last shot, this one, being the best. One other thing - I first photographed these leaves from a bit more to the right - the shot was OK, but it wasn't THIS good - it was only when I stepped to the left that I found this more perfect composition. Oh - I posted a larger image than normal - please click on it to see it larger and with more detail.


Anonymous said...

Cool with the water drops. Is it a hosta?

Ken Spencer said...

It is indeed! Are you impressed that your brother actually knows the name of at least one plant? :-)

Anonymous said...

Sam is glad that with this "botanical victory" Ken is turning over a new leaf... .