Sunday, April 29, 2012


OK, so I know I posted a photograph of this Owl yesterday. I went back to visit it again today, and an amazing thing happened. I was standing there just enjoying this magnificent animal, and suddenly the woman whose bird it is suddenly said "Oh, get your cameras ready!" I didn't have any idea why she said that. It turns out that there was a seeing eye dog that just came around the corner and one of the other owls saw it and let out some kind of cry which the woman recognized. And, the Eagle Owl recognized it, and in front of our eyes the Eagle Owl started getting larger and larger and larger, with puffed up feathers and partly extended wings! It was unbelievable! The bird looked so fierce, and ha gotten maybe three or four times normal size. It was astounding to see! I have never seen anything like this before. Within a minute or so after the dog walked away, the wings folded back in and the owl got back to normal size.

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