Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Photo Class

My friend Mike teaches a photo class down in Virginia, and for the past two years, on one of the class nights, he has me talk to the class via Skype. Mike asks me to talk about my photo blog - this blog - and my experience with it. I talk about how I learned of Will's "A Picture A Day" Blog and decided to start my own. I talk about the discipline and how it is actually fun to know that I NEED to take a photo each and every day. I talk about how it was a surprise to me to discover that the act of looking for photographs is what makes me feel like a photographer, not the act of clicking the shutter. OK, this photo... As a goof, after I got Skype up and running, I slid the Easter Lilly in front of the lens of the computer, so this the view the class first got of me - hiding in a jungle! It got a few laughs. I'm such a kidder!


Anonymous said...

You are crazy, but at least you finally have the Easter Lily photo on your blog! :-)

Ken Spencer said...

This is FUNNY! I never thought of posting this as "the Easter Lilly photograph!"

Anonymous said...

Sam thinks that seeing you through foliage is somehow SO characteristic of your clever and mischievous ways... .