Monday, April 2, 2012

My Clam Phase

A few weeks ago I tried a can of New England clam chowder for a change - I usually buy the Manhattan version. It was by one of the big manufacturers - and it was awful! It was pure white and had almost no clams that could be seen with the unaided eye. So I got a recipe that I think was closest to what my mom used to make. I made a whole pot of it, and it was stunning! I had some clams casino as an appetizer in a restaurant the other day, so tonight I decided to make a bunch of them for dinner. My sister had the recipe, and they were great. And if you spot the bacon on top, not to worry - just take another Lipitor!


Anonymous said...

They look delicious! Your wife must be thrilled that you are going through this "clam phase" and cooking all these good recipes :-) bsk

Ken Spencer said...

She doesn't like fish or clams!