Thursday, January 26, 2017

Author! Author!

I had a lovely evening tonight.  I went out to Huntington to Book Revue to hear a Newsday colleague from long ago do some readings from his new book "The Scorekeeper," and get my book signed.  It is a collection of stories of his upbringing in Brooklyn, and his work as a reporter.  Ed is a terrific storyteller and held everyone during his three readings.  So someone asked him something about the most important story he did, and he answered that the most important thing he did in his life was when he started a drive for a union at Newsday with some other reporters!  And the other person in this photo is Bruce Lambert, and he was a big part of the battle with Times Mirror.  There was a great turnout of Newsday alumni and it was so nice to see them all and have a chance to catch up.

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Anonymous said...

It was good seeing you run around, snapping pictures like you did when you were working, Ken. The person standing next to Bruce Lambert is Newsday's former Suffolk police reporter Bill Mason.