Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Dancing Tree

This is one of the scenes that I came across as I walked in the snowstorm the other day.  What was interesting for me, is that we rarely see trees completely silhouetted.  Usually they are seen against other trees, so their shape does not stand out.  That would have been the case for this tree, had it not been snowing.  What I did feel about this particular tree, was that it felt as if the tree was dancing, and that thought made me smile!


Anonymous said...

Yes very interesting, can't wait to see the same shot when this tree is in full bloom and with a blue sky.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful ballet! Yes, look forward to seeing this again in the Spring.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks to both of you for you comments. I was afraid someone would say I had lost my mind - a "dancing tree" indeed... :-)