Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Sun, The Sun, The Sun!

I was overjoyed when I woke this morning to see blue sky and the sun shining!  It has been gray, overcast, and raining for far too long.  So I was trying to imagine how to take a photograph to celebrate this day.  I decided that I should point the camera at the sun itself and see if I would get a blaze of light that would feel like sunshine.  Instead I got this surprise image.  I am not exactly sure what caused it - but I am guessing it involved the sun's reflection off the CCD in the camera and then reflecting off the rear element of the lens.  In any case, it was a wonderful surprise and an unexpected image.

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ken schwarz said...

Wow! This is a very cool (or should I say "hot" shot)! I can imagine how thrilled you were to see this digital image - well done!