Thursday, January 12, 2017

Coming Soon to Downtown

These buildings in downtown Glen Cove have been empty for quite a while now.  One of the signs on a boarded up building has a date of 2014 announcing a zoning hearing.  They have been this way for so long, that I have forgotten when they were last occupied.  Within the last year, temporary chain link fences have been put up, and I think they are getting close to demolishing all of these structures.  You can see from the sign, what they are hoping that the new plaza will look like when it's done.

I had a lot of fun wandering around the site today looking for photographs - you know me and my love for structures in disrepair!

I love this shot, because an office in the center of the photo once held the Chamber of Commerce.

There is one building left that contains a business - an insurance agency.  I have no idea how this person got into that office - with all the fences around, it is like making your way through a maze.

I am not quite sure why I have so much fun photographing architecture, but I was drawn to doing these photographs today, knowing that all of this will soon be gone


Anonymous said...

What a mess and it's not Glen Cove's first fiasco. It seems they have a penchant for working with developers who run out of money before they complete a project. Your pictures show buildings that look like they could be renovated, even converted into - dare I say it? - housing for the disadvantaged or others who need a place to live. This is not as dramatic as your Pilgrim State photographs, but I understand your enjoyment in photograph ruins, even ones that are only a few years old.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks so much for your comments! I didn't realize the root causes of this situation, so I appreciate your information. Everything will be fixed, however with the new condos built on top of that Superfund site!