Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back in the Trenches

Well, back in the trenches.  No more easy photographs from California for me.  No sir, I have to go out on gray and rainy days and try and come up with something for the blog.  I went to the post office today to mail a letter, and there is a funky auto repair garage next to the P.O.  I have done at least one photo at the garage before.  I saw this happy snowman in a chair in the front window, looking like he runs the place.  It made me smile on a gray and rainy day.


Dean said...

With an accidental selfie too! -Dean

Anonymous said...

Over time, I have had several of my comments on this blog deleted. None have been negative and are sometimes observations based on your photograph. But obviously, there is some standard you apply and of course it's your right to remove anything that does not appeal to you. However, I find it insulting and I will no longer view your blog. Censorship does not belong anywhere - blog or otherwise - that limits what anyone can say.

Ken Spencer said...

Anonymous - I have never deleted anyone's serious comment! Ever! I have deleted some obvious advertisements and the usual internet troll every once in a great while. I cannot imagine what happened that a comment you made disappeared. I am pleased to read any comments anyone offers, and I really enjoy hearing any observations on a photograph that I post. Sometimes I am surprised what people see in a photo, and that is not uncommon in the world of photography - the difference between what the photographer intended, and what the viewer sees. I find all of that fascinating. It is for that reason that I would never delete any comment. My gmail email address is at the top right of each post. I hope you would feel comfortable in writing me directly - I would love to know more about what you have written and how often it has been deleted. I do have friends who get really frustrated at what it takes to leave a comment, so they give up and write me off list. I am wondering if it is possible that you typed a message but for some reason it never made it to the blog. If you do post something, it should appear on the blog right away.